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Steve Sammartino
The Lessons School Forgot

“The Gaddie Pitch is by far the best pitching and deal-making system I have ever seen in the world. If you’re in business and you don’t have a Gaddie Pitch… you’re missing out.  Period.”

— Steve Sammartino

Co-Host of The Rebound tech show on Channel 9, Legendary author of The Lessons School Forgot. 

“I closed a deal worth $80,000 in less than 1 minute and that deal turned into $250k of business for our company.  My secret weapon? The Gaddie Pitch. Literally.”

— Danielle Neale

Director, University of Newcastle

Danielle Neale
Angelica Figuerres

“It’s easy to create a Gaddie Pitch in a masterclass with Antony. Once I started using my Gaddie Pitch and some of the deal-making systems, I found it easier to bring new clients into my business.”

— Angelica Figeurres

Executive Assistant Extraordinaire, Freelancer

“The first time I used my Gaddie Pitch in public, somebody referred a new lead to me.  That lead turned into a relationship which resulted in $200k of new business.  It’s easy. And it works.”

— Peter Dijkema

Founder, Sisu Coaching

Peter Dijkema
James Tuckerman

“The Gaddie Pitch is one of the most valuable pitching systems you can get your hands on. I witnessed one woman close a huge deal, within minutes, at one of our events where we featured Antony to share the Gaddie Pitch Masterclass with our community.”

— James Tuckerman

Founder, Australian Anthill, one of Australia’s most successful Digital Publications.

“A few years ago, I was “gifted” a Gaddie Pitch by iag Insurance. I loved it so much, that I acquired a license from Antony to share it with all of the members of our Mums & Co business. It’s really easy. And it works! - to attract clients and talented staff.”

— Carrie Kwan

Founder of Mums & Co

Carrie Kwan
Dr Merle Friedman

“If you learn the systems and connect with other members of the Gaddie Pitch community, your confidence (and related success) will likely go up."

— Dr Merle Friedman

Member of the board of directors, Psychology Beyond Borders. Has consulted to the governments of the USA, South Africa, Israel and Holland and collaborated directly with the UN.

“Most leaders and business owners struggle, at some stage, to describe the value that they deliver. With the Gaddie Pitch system, it became much easier for me to articulate our value and to attract the people I need into our eco-system.”

— Tim Welsh

CEO, PreOne
Former CEO of ASX Listed Company, Pro-Pac.
(PreOne has a business model and a solution to solve for plastic waste. Globally.)

Tim Welsh
Neville Christie

“Antony and The Gaddie Pitch achieved some of the highest feedback scores on record from the CEOs at the CEO Institute.
If you learn (and implement) the Gaddie Pitch systems, your business will be in a better position.”

— Neville Christie

Former Chair of 3 x Syndicates of CEOs at the CEO Institute. Has mentored thousands of leaders. Youngest 82-year old tech-enthusiast and optimist you will ever meet.

“Since we implemented Antony’s deal-making systems (part of the Gaddie Pitch Program) 5 months ago, we’ve submitted 57 new proposals. All of them have been successful.  That’s a lot of new business.”

— Adam Centorrino 

CEO, Centorrino Technologies

Adam Centorrino
Joan Fitzpatrick

“I’d describe Antony Gaddie as somebody with dignity and with intellect, who is making a positive difference in the world.”

— Joan Fitzpatrick

Former CEO of ANZIIF, Non-executive director on 5 boards and chair of the board of 3 other boards, all in the Banking, Insurance and Superannuation sectors.

“We’ve got a lot of value from The Gaddie Pitch system over the years. The masterclass which Antony shared with us was rated (by some of our community members) as one of the very best external masterclasses we’ve received.”

— David Jenyns

Founder, Systemology, author of Systemology and also author of Authority Content.

David Jenyns
Jeremy Chetty

“We’ve got a lot of value from The Gaddie Pitch and we’re acquiring permission to share it with our 1.3Million members.  Antony sells their system for a very low price compared to the value it delivers.

— Jeremy Chetty

Co-founder, Student Edge 
(Has 1.3Million members in Australia and is empowering a lot of people).

“We’ve learned a lot from Antony over the years and our community of decision-makers has grown a lot from implementing some of his systems. We regularly teach The Gaddie Pitch to the members of our community!”

— Ronnie Lewis

CEO, Match Executive, Professional Head Hunters

Ronnie Lewis
Martin Coyle

“I trusted Antony and his pitching system.  As a result, we built a new opportunity pipeline of $400k within 48 hours of delivering a presentation which Antony showed us how to pitch."

— Martin Coyle

Business Coach, Alluvion Business Coaching
2019 Global Business Coach of the year
Former Director of Marketing and Sales at LogicalTech

“Antony’s pitching and deal-making systems are exceptional, engaging, different and very effective. If you implement his techniques, you’ll be primed to close more new business this year.”

— Sara Williams

Former Director of Sales, Datacom
($1.3Bn technology company in Australia and NZ)

Sara Williams

Who is already using The Gaddie Pitch to pitch and/or for deal-making?

Thankfully, the original YouTube videos have now been watched by tens of thousands of people and businesses.

I’m grateful that I regularly hear from people who have closed now deals or had new relationships referred as a result of using The Gaddie Pitch systems for Pitching and for Deal-Making.

The following organisations have taught it or are using it or have asked me to teach it to their community. 

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