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Have you ever closed a deal worth more than $10k, in less than 1 minute?

Danielle Neale, Director of University of Newcastle

“I closed a deal worth $80,000 in less than 1 minute and that deal turned into $250k of business for our company.  My secret weapon? The Gaddie Pitch. Literally.

Danielle Neale

Director, University of Newcastle

“I know Antony doesn’t promise leads to his community members, but by using my Gaddie Pitch and networking with others in the community, I’ve closed $300,000 of new business deals.  The Gaddie Pitch has worked really well for us.”

Robin Vessey

CEO, Redgum Technologies

Robin Vessey, CEO of Redgum Technologies
Heather Maloney, CEO of Contactpoint

"Using the Gaddie Pitch has made it super-easy for other people to understand our value and to refer new clients to us. It’s simple.  And it works.

Heather Maloney

CEO, Contactpoint

Would more referrals to your business make a difference to your revenue and profits?

What’s our vision?

To empower tens of thousands of lives, by educating people to pitch their genius and by taking action which will facilitate business as a force for Good. Thankfully, tens of thousands of people and businesses are already using the Gaddie Pitch. 

Now, we’re scaling and partnering to ensure that every time somebody does business with us (however big or small), somebody else in the world experiences empowerment and uplift. Simple.

You know how a lot of business owners and decisions makers really want to grow their business, but sometimes they struggle to describe their value and they feel like they’re swimming against the tide to secure new clients and talented staff, and to make it all happen?
Well what we do at The Gaddie Pitch is share systems IP to help them pitch their genius and their value and to close deals in a way that will have new clients and talented staff bashing down the door to get to them!

What is
The Gaddie Pitch?

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