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Are really important to us!

And our model for achieving it is simple.


Every time somebody registers for our Gaddie Pitch Masterclass, we select somebody else to receive a scholarship to attend the Masterclass.

This includes social enterprises, startups, disruptors and anyone else who is doing great things for humanity (equity) or the planet (sustainability).

Alternatively, when you register for the Gaddie Pitch Masterclass, you can nominate and invite one business owner/leader who you believe can experience uplift once they learn how to pitch themselves and their business brilliantly.   They receive a scholarship to the Masterclass.


Beyond the business scholarships mentioned in the Empowering Business section, each time somebody subscribes to our Masterclass or our Gaddie Pitch Program, an aspiring student who may aspire to change their family, their community or even the world, will receive a scholarship to the same event or program.

This means that thousands of people will receive access to people, systems and IP that might otherwise have been “out of reach” for them.  Woohoooo!! 

We are partnering with Student Edge to help this part of our vision to come true. They have 1.3Million university and school students in their community and they’re also going after Empowerment!.

In partnership with:

Student Edge


On our homepage you may have seen a photo of me with Christina Nchalinchali, my late godmother from South Africa.  She passed away 3 years ago.

Her grandson, Simphiwe, was born on exactly the same day as my son and he’s now 15 years old!

At 15, Simphiwe is already studying financial markets. He wants to study a commerce degree and engage the share market as a career.

He has no means of paying for a university degree.  We want to fund his university degree. It will cost approximately AU$5,800 per annum in university fees and approx. $4,500 per annum for residence / accommodation.

Christina dedicated 40 years of her life to serve and support my family.

It will mean the world to me to allocate 2.5% of all revenue to a fund which will support Simphiwe first, and which we can then use to fund other aspiring students and change-makers in the world once Simphiwe is looked after!

Simphiwe Nchalinchali

Simphiwe Nchalinchali

Aspiring high-school student and grandson of my late godmother, Christina Nchalinchali

2006-10-South Africa Second Set 1363 Christina

Me and Christina in South Africa in 2006. This was 2 years before Simphiwe was born.

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